2013-01-20 11:38:48

Luckily, this headline seemed to be misunderstanding and is actually referring to the over 6000 shots that photographer Robert Whitman took for the slow launch campaign in the streets of New York this summer.

We were aware that this shooting will define the personality of the brand in a significant way. Therefore we all were immediately excited about the idea of working with Robert who is famous for capturing the moment in a very impactful and unique way. That’s why Robert was perfect to bring slow‘s authentic, casual and yet sophisticated brand DNA alive in very unstaged and raw way. The shots truly represent what slow is about: Real people, fun, spending time on what’s important in your life, and great watches.

Needless to mention that we had an amazing time in NY: Perfect weather, great locations, a huge tour bus, a fantastic crew, and of course incredible photos as a result. That’s how work life is supposed to be!

Apart from all the fun Robert did a hell of job and the guys who do slow were right there to message his tired shoulders after three days of none-stop shooting! Check out more of Robert’s great work at!

Have a great time and be slow

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