Slow Mo 02

All Silver Steel, Black Dial

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Looking for a Swiss watch to wear to the office that will also look great with your casual outfit? The all steel with black dial is a great option for gents and ladies. Classy, but with a bit of a sporty touch.

  • Swiss Made, Swiss GMT Quartz movement
  • Time can be read as accurate as +- 1 to 2 minutes
  • 34 mm silver stainless steel case, 100 M water resistant
  • Silver stainless steel metal band – length can easily be adjusted in every watch shop


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Country of origin


Case material

Stainless Steel

Case colour


Water resistance

10 ATM/100 metres

Case width

34 mm

Case length

38.80 mm

Case thickness (excl. glass)

8.05 mm

Case thickness (incl. glass)

9 mm

Glass material

Extra hardened K1 mineral glass

Glass opening diameter

30.50 mm

Dial colour


Hand colour


Band Material

Solid stainless steel

Band colour


Band width

20 - 18 mm

Wrist circumference range

min. 135 mm - max. 200 mm

Buckle material

Stainless Steel

Buckle colour



Ronda 505.24 Swiss Made

Movement type



Renata 371 1.55v Silver Oxide (exchange in every watch shop)

Battery life

45 months

Weight (excluding box)

105 g

Weight (including box)

315 g


Fitting bands


Now it's

Here it's

And guess what...

A bit more precise? No Problem!: 12:23
And would it be a drama if it's 12:24?

Product Reviews

  1. Fine watch by Hylnder64

    Fine watch and looks great. Packaged well.
    (Posted on 29/06/2016)
  2. Fine watch and looks great. Packaged well. by Hylnder64

    Fine watch and looks great. Packaged well.
    (Posted on 29/06/2016)
  3. Très bonne qualité, super esprit ! by Benoît Mercier

    Une montre qui s'adapte à toute les situations et circonstances et qui aide à profiter du temps présent, sans toujours courir partout et chercher à programmer chaque minute de sa journée. Son originalité est en plus un bon moyen de sortir du lot et de ne pas avoir une montre "comme tout le monde". Je recommande !
    (Posted on 02/06/2016)
  4. tylish, slow mo with a black face! by Bryan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been fascinated with watches from an early age as my Mother's side of the family had a watch repair supply company and also we're jewelers. When I was 14, I spent a summer with my great-uncle and assisted him in his workshop repairing watches. He would give me the tasks of cleaning mechanical movements, I would disassemble the watches, put them in the untra-sound cleaner and then reassemble them. So I had a great introduction to watches from an early age and started collecting fine watches from an early age. Now in my 40's, I no longer feel the need to wear expensive watches as a sign of status, I am well established and no longer need to live and die by the minute. This single hand design of this 24 hour time-piece is fantastic, it really does change the way you perceive time and approach your daily activities, I wish it wouldn't have taken me this long to give them a try however, when I read slow's pitch and saw the attractiveness of their watch, I decided to give it a try and glad of it. Give the watch a try, if you find it's not for you, send it back, no harm - no loss. One other word of advise, I originally purchased the slow jo 01 with the white face and did not like it because I could not see the face too well and it didn't suit my taste, 40 is the age when your eyesight starts to fade. I returned the slow jo with the white face and exchanged it for a slow mo with a black face and can see it perfectly at a glance. I've added a picture of this watch against others for contrast. As you can see it is easy to read so I can chuck the Timex easy reader which I wasn't too thrilled about wearing and it has plenty of style to quench my timepiece uniqueness taste that the Oakley Time Machine held for the paste 10 years. Hope this helps, thanks for reading.
    (Posted on 27/05/2016)
  5. La classe dans l'horlogerie by rval

    Cette montre m'a été offerte récemment. Elle est superbe. Elle respire la qualité, la classe et la sobriété. On prend très vite le réflexe en terme de lecture au 1/4 d'heure. J'ai dû mettre une journée pour être à l'aise. Et en noir c'est le must ! Très beau produit
    (Posted on 05/04/2016)

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