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We guess you have already seen some pictures of travelling slow Jo on Facebook. Of course everybody looooves travelling and for sure we posted some very nice photos of slow watches in fantastic locations and awesome views – but why is travelling actually slow!?

The first point we mentioned already: because we love it! And slow is all about focusing on what you love to do…

But of course there is much more to it:
When you travel you open your mind. That’s a great first step out of your hamster wheel of daily routines. As you are not in your usual environment you have to get out of your comfort zone which allows you to re-think your life and make the right decisions for the future.

You widen your horizon and experience different views on life, foreign mentalities / cultures and valuable impressions which help you to become an even wiser person than you might already be. Getting a new perspective often facilitates seeing what are the really essential elements in life.

When you travel you can completely let go of your stressful life and re-set the focus on what YOU really are and what YOU really want. You can truly live the moment (if you are able to turn off your phone) and stop chasing every minute.

At the end of your trip you move on and leave something beautiful behind. Letting things lose is another essential slow element and it ensures that everything keeps developing and flowing.

You see there are a couple of good reasons why travelling is slow. At least these are some of the reasons why we let slow Jo travel to all these amazing places. Of course there are at least 1000 more reasons and if you want you can share yours with us!!

We will continue to share some impressions of slow Jo’s trips from time to time in order to give you some inspiration to get into a holiday mind-set even you might be at home…

But enough of story telling; you need pictures!! 🙂 They alone give enough reasons, why we love travelling and why it is slow!

slow Jo in Borneo…

slow Jo in Lisbon…

slow Jo in Hong Kong…

slow Jo in Alicante…

slow Jo on top of the world!!

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