2014-09-23 03:57:47

About two years ago slow Jo came in to this world. He brought a lot of joy to us and became (and of course will still become!) a reliable companion to so many people on their way to achieve true slow-ness…

BUT! Some of you – mainly with a bit smaller wrist sizes – felt, that slow Jo is a just bit too big and were hardly be able to wait for a little sibling to see the light of the day… And YES! You are right! It’s time for a smaller version of slow Jo. It’s time for slow Mo!

Of course it is our deepest wish to give everybody the chance to be slow. Though as a privately funded company it can be a bit tricky to expand the slow family, as it requires quite some cash to do so.

That’s why we decided to get the help of our friends from Indiegogo to raise the money for the first production lot of the smaller model slow Mo upfront. That way we don’t need to take investors on board and will be able to stay independent and deliver the undiluted slow story for all time!

And the best thing is: You can already order your slow Mo at a special price today and support us to finance the launch of this new model!!
It’s super easy: Just go on our campaign on Indigogo, pick your perk and check out. After that we will get in touch with you to clarify the exact color you would like to have – done!

You will receive your slow Mo early December, so it’s right on time to be your perfect x-mas present – for someone you love or even yourself ☺

Thanks so much for your great support and be slow…

Chris and Corvin

P.S.: Also check out this video that we created especially for this funding campaign!


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